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About Us

Our Journey started in 1947, from supplying a small greengrocer with a variety of produce; to being one of the biggest import, ripening & fruit distributors in the UK of Bananas.
Starting in a village in Buckinghamshire as a wholesale fruit and vegetable company, the owner Bob Wells had big plans to take his love for bananas and conquer the fruit industry in the UK.
The business began to grow, now in the hands of the current owner Robert Wells, who had bigger initiatives to take Pratts to the next Level. Robert has taken his passion for wagons and modern technology into his love for business.
We aim to deliver a personal service to each one of our customers, through the passion and hard work of our employees.
Our goal is to grow and thrive within the Fruit industry, we understand that we can only do this through the hard work and determination of our staff.
We have recently rebranded to help other aspects of our business to grow. Moving away from only focusing on Bananas, we now have sub-companies that trade under their own brands:

SH Pratt Bananas    Kinship Logistics    Kinetic Recruitment   Halo